Open call for papers


Open call for papers

Somaesthetics, the aesthetics of the living body, is a multi- and interdisciplinary field with a focus on sensory perception and cognition. Somaesthetics designates an interdisciplinary framework rather than a singular philosophical position. It deals, on the one hand, with the aesthetic experience of the body as a practice proper and, on the other hand, with the academic conceptualization of the experiencing and experienced body. It approaches the body as the mediating center of sensory experiences, cognitive realization and agency.

Somaesthetics describes an integrative field of research where aesthetic experiences meet theories about the body including its biological structures and functions, its phenomenological and epistemological functions, and its position and significances in culture and societies. It comprises investigations and reflections concerning the body and its personal, social, cultural and political underpinnings and significance. Pragmatism, phenomenology, Eastern philosophies, sociology, biology and neuroscience have, among others, provided insights into this domain. Of particular interest is the aesthetic experience, the creative practice and their transformative and ameliorative potentials. Aesthetic considerations go well beyond the arts including everyday life and its various domains. The aesthetics of the body has proved important in a variety of domains such as art and culture, many design practices, health care and health studies, technology, urban live, nature and environmental changes and many more.  

The Journal of Somaesthetics invites theoretical, philosophical investigations, analyses of practical and empirical projects and case studies concerning the aesthetics of the living body. The submission might apply various formats such as research paper, essays, reviews of books and practical work. The submission might include images, graphics, sound and video.

All research submissions are subject to a double-blind peer-review process which often includes revisions of the original manuscript. The papers will be published online as soon as accepted.

The possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Architecture and Urban Spaces
  • Arts and Design
  • Culture, History, and Religion
  • Education
  • Experience and Consciousness
  • Experience Design
  • Experience Economy
  • Health and Well-being
  • Leadership
  • Nature and Environment
  • Philosophy and Politics
  • Science and Scientific Methodologies
  • Sports and Fitness