Mark Tschaepe, new co-editor-in-chief


The Journal of Somaesthetics  has appointed Prof. Mark D. Tschaepe (US) as the new co-editor-in-chief. The journal would like to thank Anne Tarvainen (Finland) for her immense work as editor-in-chief during the past two years.  Prof. Mark D. Tschaepe and Prof. Falk Heinrich (Denmark) will jointly be responsible for the development, quality and dissemination of the journal.  

Mark Dietrich Tschaepe, PhD (they/them) is Professor of Philosophy at Prairie View A&M University in Texas. Currently, while on sabbatical, they are a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Body, Mind, and Culture at Florida Atlantic University. Using the tools of pragmatism, feminism, and queer theory, Mark works on issues concerning inquiry, identity, and somaesthetics. They also work on problems regarding social justice, especially related to science, education, and technology. One of their most recent collaborations is with Ford Motor Co. and Georgia Institute of Technology on a project concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion considerations in designing autonomous vehicles. 

Mark works on what they call somaesthetics of discomfort, wherein discomfort is used as a somaesthetic quality that provides affordances for inquiry. Currently, they are completing their manuscript, Somaesthetics of Discomfort: Addressing Identity, Normativity, and Alienation, which will be published in the Studies in Somaesthetics Series for Brill Press. They are also the philosophy editor for Bridge Journal (Bridge (