Is space recognizing a form?

A contributory study for the theory of Somactive Art


  • Bartlomiej Struzik Somaesthetics and the Arts Center - Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow



 In the content of the paper, I refer to meetings with people whose reflections, general comments or even unspoken gestures have become a source of inspiration no less important to me than readings and theoretical study. At this point, I would like to particularly emphasize the role of my acquaintance with Richard Shusterman, whose concept of Somaesthetics, growing from his talent, many years of honest philosophical work and solid theoretical foundations, is probably the most striking contrast of the research method in relation to the artistic intuitions proposed in my text and postulates resulting mostly from art practice. The concepts presented in this paper, especially the two key issues of Somactive Art and space recognizing as a form, will consequently have the character of an artistic supposition and represent a theoretical sketch, rather than a thoroughly researched, well-founded, and mature scientific hypothesis.






Artistic Statements