How to Apply Somaesthetics?

Practices, Methods, and Research Design in Somaesthetic Approach


  • Anne Tarvainen independent researcher



In this article, I address the field of somaesthetics from the perspective of a researcher and pedagogue. I propose ways to apply the analytic, pragmatic, and practical dimensions of somaesthetics in the academic context. I also consider what defines a somaesthetic inquiry, how we could construct our research designs and evaluate our methods, and why it is essential to articulate somaesthetic knowledge in an accessible and credible way. I reflect on these questions with reference to the texts by philosopher Richard Shusterman and soma design researcher Kristina Höök. The article aims to illuminate the main characteristics of somaesthetics and outline some possible methodological directions, especially for researchers, pedagogues, developers, artists, and students who wish to conduct their somaesthetic inquiries in academia.