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2020: JCIR Early Access Articles from our upcoming volume

Early Access Articles from Upcoming Volume

Early Access articles are papers that have been accepted in the review process and given final approval by the Editor-in-Chief before the upcoming edition of the journal is ready for publication. This enables us to provide our readers with cutting edge research as early as possible.

Please note ; Early Access articles are subject to revision before publication in the journal's full edition and the page numbers provided are not finalised. Early Access versions of articles will be removed from the website the the publication of the full journal edition 


Published: 27-03-2020
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 JCIR is committed to publishing informed and insightful analyses from both Western and Chinese scholars worldwide and stimulating the scholarly debate on contemporary China in its new role in the current transnational era of international relations and international political economy. Special encouragement is given to those who want to develop China-oriented theories of international relations and international political economy. JCIR invites the submission of original articles on China and international relations in social sciences and humanities. All articles are peer reviewed. Book reviews are also welcomed.

JCIR is peer reviewed and published online twice a year: An English language issue in early summer and a Chinese language issue in late autumn.

JCIR appears on the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) authority list for series (level 1). The list is issued by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Deadline for the next English language issue: The Journal is Temporarily Suspended.