Brazil-China Energy Cooperation

Did BRICS Change Anything?

  • Philipe Pedro Santos Xavier
  • Elia Elisa Cia Alves
  • Andrea Q. Steiner
  • Fabíola Faro Eloy Dunda


Is it possible to infer that the BRICS has boosted energy cooperation between Brazil and China? If yes, how did it happen? Here, we attempt to answer these questions by analyzing all of the statements from the eight summits promoted under the BRICS (2009-2016), as well as thirty-four energy related bilateral international acts promoted among BRICS countries between 1994 and 2015. Among the main results, we found that, while bilateral energy relations between Brazil and Russia, and India and South Africa, respectively, have undergone subtle changes during this period, Brazil-China energy relations underwent an enlargement concerning their scope and complexity. Thus, it is possible to suggest that the BRICS provided an especially cooperative environment for these two countries in the energy sector, although we cannot infer causality. In addition, we found that the direction of the negotiations seems to have shifted towards a more favorable position for China.

Research Article