An Analysis of the "Chinese Solution" to Overseas Citizens' Interests Protection/海外公民利益维护的“中国方案”初探


  • Chen Yiping
  • Xu Tonghui


With the rise of China and its opening-up, more and more Chinese citizens are going abroad. The Chinese government has increasingly attached importance to the protection of overseas Chinese citizens' interests. Taking the "security reminder" issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an analysis variable, the analysis of this article shows the current situation of overseas Chinese citizens' rights protection from 2014 to 2018. Through the accumulation of historical experience, combined with the current situation and learning from the successful experiences of other countries, China has gradually formed the "Chinese solution" to the protection of its overseas citizens' interests (CSOCIP) which embodies Chinese characteristics and demonstrates Chinese wisdom. CSOCIP can be summarized as the culture of negotiation under the principle of non-interference, overall diplomacy under the institutional advantages, and the participation of domestic multi-subjects and overseas Chinese citizens. The authors attempt to explain theoretically the connotations of CSOCIP, and analyze the challenges and problems encountered by CSOCIP, including international identity and the overseas protection capacity of China as well as the perception and adaptation of the international community.

Keywords: Overseas citizen; Interests protection; Chinese solution

Author Biographies

Chen Yiping

Chen Yiping, Professor, School of International Studies and Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies

Xu Tonghui

Xu Tonghui, postgraduate student, School of International Studies and Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies.