Characteristics of Trips and Travellers in Private and Public Transportation in the Danish Travel Survey data


  • Marie K. A. Anderson Danmarks Tekniske Universitet



private transport, public transport, data analysis


This paper is motivated by a growing interest in providing greater insight into the travel habits of Danish travellers. The analysis is conducted on the data collected in the Danish Travel Survey (in Danish: Transportvaneundersøgelsen, TU) from 2006 to 2009. The investigation of these data enables pointing out which travellers’ and trips’ characteristics to pay special attention to when examining the choice between private and public transportation. This is important for the future estimation of mode choice and public route choice models, but also for the general knowledge about which issues should be taken into account when trying to improve the conditions for public transport users and which initiatives could convince more people to travel by public transport. The analyses show that income is very important for the choice between public and private transportation since income also reflects gender, place of resident, etc.