De blinde pletter i ledercoaching: Excutive coaching i Leadership Pipeline perspektiv

  • Kristian Dahl


This article demonstrates how the executive coaching field is characterised by blank spots in the form of limitedknowledge on: 1) the importance of different organisational leadership levels to the coach’s task and practicein executive coaching and 2) what characterises coaching that involves leaders at different levels who coachsubordinate leaders on their leadership tasks. The prevailing definitions of executive coaching seem to implicitlyassume that:ALeaders only coach employees without leadership responsibility, orBIt makes no difference whether the subordinate coached by the leader is an employee with leadershipresponsibility.Meanwhile, much of the literature on leaders’ motives for seeking coaching indicates that they frequently workon issues directly related to transitions between different organisational levels and the development of newleadership behaviour that is suitable to the given organisational level. There are many things to suggest that ex-ecutive coaching often addresses precisely what the literature and research have largely left unexamined. TheLeadership Pipeline perspective is proposed as a professional supplement. The Leadership Pipeline perspectivecannot stand alone, but appears to offer a framework of understanding that can strengthen the organisationalperspective in coaching and supplement the established perspectives on coaching