Ecopsychology informed coaching psychology practice

Beyond the Coaching Room into Blue Space


  • Stephen Palmer
  • Siobhain O’Riordan



Ecopsychology interventions may offer creative and helpful ways of supporting coachees with wellbeing, stress management and psychological restoration. There is growing evidence to suggest that being with nature can positively influence our wellbeing and health. In light of this, coaching psychologists, coaches and healthcare professionals have begun to place more emphasis upon understanding the ways in which ecopsychology can inform our practice. This paper reports the findings from two studies based on outdoor coaching formats. Drawing on insights from an ecopsychology informed coaching psychology approach, participants were encouraged to undertake a short ‘walkand talk’ coaching session involving blue space outdoor-based activity. The findings from both studies showed that participants self-reported wellbeing and vitality scores improved following coaching in a natural setting. This has implications for the work of coaching psychologists and coaches and suggests there may be a possible over-reliance on more traditional coaching formats based on seated and indoor face-to-face or online coaching.






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