Relationship quality

Exploring its potential impact on negative effects of coaching


  • Alanna Henderson O’Broin



Early research on negative effects of coaching proposes a role for relationship quality as a possible protective factor against negative effects. This article begins by briefly contextualising and outlining the relationship quality findings in relation to negative effects of coaching. Then, taking the question raised in the research of whether negative effects of coaching can change to positive effects, the role that the coaching relationship may play in this question is examined further, drawing from the negative effects research database, relationship science and positive psychology, psychotherapy research, and the critical moments coaching research literature. The definition of negative effects, types and categories of negative effects are then discussed in relation to the question of changes in negative and positive effects, after which a second wave Positive Psychology approach to the coaching relationship, and findings from the Critical Moments in coaching research are offered as areas providing opportunities for expanding perspectives on research and practice in this area.






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