The Transnational Dimension of Statutory Interpretation – Tragically Overlooked in a Global Commercial Environment

  • Bruno Zeller
  • Camilla Andersen


Recently, we came across a very well written and thoroughly researched article by Dharmananda and Firios entitled “Interpreting statutes and contracts: A distinction without a difference?”. The article made many excellent points and was very thought provoking – but it overlooked an aspect of legal interpretation which is central to the modern legal landscape, namely internationalisation. In all areas of law – arguably, especially in our field of commercial regulation – the regulatory effects of globalisation and harmonisation necessitate a different perspective on both statutory and contractual interpretation. We do not disagree with the paper’s overarching conclusion that there are important parallels between contractual and legislative interpretation – but we posit that in the formula to establish this point it becomes increasingly important to include the international dimension. Not all domestic statues should be seen in a solely domestic light.