The editors are thrilled and proud to welcome you to the launch of QuiViRR, which is a hybrid, open access journal. For a variety of reasons, the editors have had a grand plan for a long while to create our own journal to fill an increasingly noticeable gap in the publication landscape in the field of video methods for qualitative research. Our goal is for this journal to address that gap, as well as to support and promote open scholarship beyond the narrow green/gold open access debate. The journal is edited by academic scholars in the field who are passionate about the issues.

QuiViRR is a serious, hybrid academic journal that supports both blind peer review and non-peer reviewed content. Its broad thematic focus is qualitative research methods in the humanities and social sciences that are centrally and substantively video-based. QuiViRR has an editorial board that is well rounded and discipline non-specific. A variety of submission types are accepted, some of which are subject to blind peer review. The types of submissions that are accepted include traditional research articles, experimental articles, shorter articles, micro articles, invited commentary, how-to guides, technology reviews, software reviews, video articles and research software articles. Special issues with guest editors are encouraged. In order to push the boundaries, open peer review will also be supported in addition to blind peer review, as well as post-publication commentary (using and versioning of more experimental articles with perpetual releases (using GitHub). All content will be published with a minted DOI number and a Creative Commons license. 

To avoid delays, the journal will publish accepted content continuously in one volume per year.  Rather than wait until well into 2021 before the first article has been reviewed, accepted and published, we decided to publish straightaway a pilot volume for 2020 with three articles to illustrate some of the types of content we are hoping to publish in future. Now that the journal is public, we welcome submissions in all categories. If you wish to submit, then please register with the journal and read carefully the submission instructions. We would look forward to receiving and reading your submissions.