BreachingVR A Simple VR Software Demonstration to Reconstruct Harold Garfinkel's Inverting Lenses Tutorial Exercise

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Artúr Barnabás Kovács
Paul McIlvenny


The article reports on a simple working demonstration in virtual reality (VR) of the inverting lenses tutorial exercise by the sociologist Harold Garfinkel. A user wearing a virtual reality headset can vertically invert their visual perception of the physical world around them (via the video camera pass-through) or invert their perception of a virtual world in which the user can pick up virtual objects and use virtual tools.

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Kovács, Artúr Barnabás, and Paul McIlvenny. 2020. “BreachingVR: A Simple VR Software Demonstration to Reconstruct Harold Garfinkel’s Inverting Lenses Tutorial Exercise”. QuiViRR: Qualitative Video Research Reports 1 (December):a0002.
Author Biographies

Artúr Barnabás Kovács, Aalborg University

Artúr Barnabás Kovács is a research assistant in the Department of Communication & Psychology at Aalborg University. He is the lead software developer in the BigSoftVideo team.

Paul McIlvenny, Aalborg University

Paul McIlvenny is Professor in the Department of Culture and Learning at Aalborg University. He is currently research leader of the Centre for Discourses in Transition (C-DiT) research group. His recent research engages with Big Video ethnographies of a range of practices, including everyday cycling, mobility scootering, political protesting, human-robot performance and VR usability testing. His current concern is to develop immersive visualisation technologies (XR) to investigate the relationship between mobilities, embodiments, mediated social interaction and discourse in complex environments.