Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis in a Nutshell Philosophy, Theory, Method and Methodology

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Sigrid Norris


This paper presents a concise introduction to Multimodal (inter)action analysis (MIA), which began to be developed in the early 2000s in tandem with technological advances for visual qualitative research. By now, MIA has grown into a fully-fledged research framework, including multimodal philosophy, theory, method and methodology for the study of human action, interaction and identity. With systematic phases from data collection to transcription (including transcription conventions) and data analysis, this framework allows researchers to work in a data-driven and replicable manner moving past common interpretive paradigms (Norris 2019, 2020).

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Norris, Sigrid. 2021. “Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis in a Nutshell: Philosophy, Theory, Method and Methodology”. QuiViRR: Qualitative Video Research Reports 2 (November):a0004.
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