Call for papers spring 2019


The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies (IJIS) is again open for submissions. The theme of the next issue is ‘Global Perspectives’ which will enable previous and current students to display the broad, diverse, and interdisciplinary nature of Global Studies and Social Sciences at Aalborg University. The purpose of this issue is to show the global interface students have in their academic work within the respective disciplines included in the journal.

We encourage master students and graduates to submit articles or essays. This is an excellent opportunity to publish your research and contribute to the aim of making students visible in the larger academic debates.

About the Journal

The Interdisciplinary Journal of International is an academic space where students critically engage with theories and issue areas in the social sciences and humanities in an interdisciplinary perspective. It invites contributions on topical themes (including, but not restricted to, development, globalization, international relations, political economy, regional integration, refugeehood, migration, culture, and history). It welcomes theoretical, methodological, conceptual, or empirical papers.

The IJIS is an independent student-driven and faculty-refereed academic journal based at Aalborg University, Denmark. It was established in 2002 on the initiative of the Study Board of Master Programmes in Development & International Relations (DIR) and European Studies (ES). Presently, the journal is supported by the Study Board for International Affairs under the Department of Culture and Global Studies.


The deadline for submission of abstracts to the current issue is 18/03-2019 and is to be submitted to Nina Sharar or Ariadni Zormpa .

Abstracts must be a maximum of 300 words including keywords, authors and department affiliation.

Submissions to the IJIS are subject to a peer-review process to ensure that papers for publications have original or sufficient contribution to scholarship. Each submitted manuscript is evaluated on the following basis:

  • the originality of its contribution to the field of international studies
  • the soundness of its theory and methodology given the topic
  • the coherence of its analysis
  • its ability to communicate to readers (grammar and style)



We also strongly encourage students to submit reviews of relevant literature, e.g. of books, articles, journals, or other academically relevant knowledge production (podcasts, magazines, social media communities etc.) that you believe should come to the attention of other students. The reviews will not be subjected to the standard peer-review process, and all reviews will be published in the online edition.

Submit a maximum of 500 words, clear reference, theme, authors and department affiliation.


We look forward to receiving many great contributions to this ‘global perspectives’ edition and hope you will engage in this student initiative.

For more information, visit our online journal at or contact journal editors Ariadni Zormpa at or Nina Sharar at .