Volume 12 Issue 1 2022: Crisis is now published!


The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies (IJIS) is a student driven journal that engages a variety of critical questions from the social sciences and humanities. Its contributors are based in the Department of Politics and Society at Aalborg University, Denmark. Bringing together viewpoints from the Master programs of Development and International Relation Studies, European Studies, China Studies and Global Refugee Studies, the global nature of the research topics becomes visible. 

Therefore, the topic of the IJIS Volume 12, Issue 1 is Crisis. The purpose of this issue is to explore and study different crises, various perspectives on crisis and problematize around this topic. As in every Issue, we welcome contributions from different disciplines. IJIS hosts contributions from Gender Studies, Global Refugee Studies, Development and International Relations Studies. This Issue is benefitted in particular by this interdisciplinarity, as the concept of crisis is relevant for political scientists, migration scholars, economists, and scholars of gender studies, psychology and development studies.

Therefore, this Issue has very interesting and valuable contributions of articles and essays.

Please click here to read the Journal: https://journals.aau.dk/index.php/ijis/issue/current

We wish you a pleasant read! 

The editors team

Ariadni Stavroula Zormpa, Maria Sierro Fernandez, Kristian Jensen and Eveliina Viivi Sofia Lepistö