Køreundervisning i Danmark - praktiske erfaringer


  • Gitte Carstensen Rådet for Trafiksikkerhedsforskning
  • Irene Christiansen Rådet for Trafiksikkerhedsforskning




driver education, curriculum, manoeuvre course, theoretical and practical training, advanced driving course, conference, qualitative group discussions


Since the introduction of the new Danish driver education in 1986 there have been many complains that instructors do not follow the curriculum. This project has aimed at elucidating existing conditions for driving schools to comply with the new rules. The Danish Council of Road Safety Research chaired a conference with the attendance of 46 instructors from all parts of Denmark and summarised the results of a series of qualitative group discussions uncovering various educational aspects.
Among the predominant problems, the participants pointed out the keen competition between driving schools, cheating to make profits and doubts as to the interpretation of the curriculum. To suppress the negative influence from the keen competition, a tougher control was suggested. Other potential solutions were a fixed lesson minimum for practical training, introduction of an instructor authorisation system and various economic measures to relieve the competition pressure. Further, the need of a better driving instructor education was emphasized, involving more pedagogical aspects. More information about the purpose and content of the education should be given to learner drivers and their parents. Finally, a number of suggestions concerned solutions for more specific problems related to training area manoeuvres, the theoretical and practical training and the advanced driving course.




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Carstensen, G., & Christiansen, I. (1997). Køreundervisning i Danmark - praktiske erfaringer. Proceedings from the Annual Transport Conference at Aalborg University, 4(1). https://doi.org/10.5278/ojs.td.v4i1.4126