Feasibility Study of Swedish-German Corridor with Electric Road System

udvidet resumé

  • Julius Jöhrens
  • Hinrich Helms
  • Gregor Nebauer
  • Darijan Jelica


This study examines a potential international corridor with Electric Road Systems (ERS) from Sweden via Denmark to Germany in the form of a case study. ERS use conductive or inductive technologies to enable energy transfer to electric vehicles while driving. The study aims to illustrate the challenges of a transnational ERS and to discuss potential implementation strategies. For this purpose, we first define relevant criteria to assess the usefulness of establishing an ERS corridor. Technical, economic, environmental, but also political-strategic criteria play a role here. Based on these criteria, we evaluate the ERS corridor using traffic flow analyses and derive recommendations as to what needs to be considered when designing a Swedish-German ERS corridor.