Cognitive behavioural coaching

And notes on its foundation in cognitive behavioural therapy

  • Maja Lautsten
  • Ulrik Daniel Frederiksen
  • Tanja Ryberg Jensen
  • Ole Michael Spaten


Even though Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one of the most evident therapeutic approaches, there are a lack of studies outlining the differences between cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive behavioural coaching, differences that are fundamental to understand the different levels of involvement in the process. The aim of this paper is therefore to outline the distinction between cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive behavioural coaching. The theory behind cognitive behavioural coaching will be further detailed and an in depth explanation of the theory will follow. Next, we will describe how cognitive behavioural coaching is practiced and commonly used models is presented. Finally, we will discuss the cognitive behavioural approach in a coaching context, built around 13 statements, thereby trying to distinguish boundaries, distinctions and similarities between a cognitive behavioural approach and coaching.