News from the Journal of Business Models - February 2015


We are pleased to announce that the third issue of Journal of Business Models currently is being published. We have already published two papers from the new issue. The first paper is written by Johannes Sang Un Chae and Jonas Hedman. They have developed a business model framework for NFC based mobile payment solutions consisting of four mutually interdepended components: the value service, value network, value architecture and value finance. The paper offers an applicable business model framework that allows practitioners and academics to study current and future mobile payment approaches. The second paper by Susan Lambert is an article about the scientific significance of classification and its role in business model theory building. There are more papers on its way as they, at the moment, are going through the final editing. As soon as we have them in hand they will be published here on the website.

Soon we are opening a new section on book reviews. If you are interested in making a book review please send an e-mail to Christian Nielsen ( The first review is of Osterwalder and Pigneur’s new book “Value Proposition Design” which will be published soon.

At the Journal of Business Models we are happy to be receiving high quality submissions from the scientific community and we strive to uphold the highest standards of academic rigour. In our eagerness to create a journal that can become a vital hub of knowledge dissemination to scholars in the field of Business Models, we have made a short survey that we hope you will answer. Your answers will help us improve our work with the Journal of Business Models and make the journal even better. You can find the survey here: