Special issue: The business model eruption: how game changing mind sets challenge existing nodes of business

This special issue of the Journal of Business Models focuses on how global economic and technological shifts challenge the profitability and survival of businesses on the one hand, and on the other hand creates new business opportunities and gives rise to a set of new viable business models. Areas of interest for this special issue (indicative but not limited to) are:
  • Roles and relationships within and among organisations and business models in the light of global trends
  • Business models and high-technology ventures
  • Business model innovation in specific industries
  • Internationalization of business models
  • Sustainability perspectives on doing business and globalizing value chains
  • The development of business models and related eco-systems
  • How do new business models challenge management structures?
  • Critical perspectives concerning the management of resources in business models, including e.g.¬†human resource attributes
  • The interaction between human resources and other organizational resources in value generation and realization
  • Analyzing and communicating the value proposition of business models
  • Conflicts of interest between various stakeholders in business model settings
  • Dilemmas and paradoxes of the performance of business models
  • Business model creation, innovation and transformation, including aspects of facilitating change processes
This issue welcomes conceptual, theoretical, empirical and interdisciplinary contributions anchored in the business model literature as well as other fields of contemporary research.