Value Proposition Design: How to create products and services customers want


  • Jan Kyhnau Kyhnau & Co. Business & Brand Development
  • Christian Nielsen Business Model Design Center, Aalborg University



Leading on from the bestselling 2010 book Business Model Generation (VPD), Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, this time flanked by Greg Bernarda, Alan Smith and Trish Papadakos, set out to further the intricate link between business models and value propositions in the 2014 publication Value Proposition Design (VPD). This is a Book Review on the new publication.

Author Biographies

Jan Kyhnau, Kyhnau & Co. Business & Brand Development

Jan Kyhnau is an experienced and creative strategist focused on entrepreneurs and companies who want to maximize their business potential. Jan is specialized in Business Model Generation, Value Proposition Design, Personal Business Models & Branding and has held a number of positions as concept developer, strategic planner and creative director in the advertising industry. Besides, he co-founded and participated in the start-up of more mobile/digital agencies. Today Jan is CEO at Kyhnau & Co Business & Brand Development. In addition, he is external lecturer at Copenhagen School of Design & Technology, University College of Northern Denmark and New Venture Creation instructor & mentor at Aalborg University. Jan Kyhnau holds Bachelor Degrees of Education and Strategic Planning and is certified and licensed as trainer, instructor and business model design coach. Jan has completed several Master Classes within Business Model Generation & Innovation, Value Proposition Design and Personal Business Model Design. Jan is Danish Representative of Business Model You®, LLC. In addition Jan is a member of Alex Osterwalder's pre-reader & co-creation team and has contributed to his new book and online tools "Value Proposition Design" sequel to the international bestseller "Business Model Generation". Jan is a practitioner who on a daily basis works with business model generation and innovation helping entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, companies and organizations create and implement actionable and profitable strategic plans. Jan has in his consultancy focused on the field where business models meet customers. No wonder it is mainly the work of value proposition design and prototyping incl. pivoting and tests that have Jan's research interest. Based on his extensive experience in brand development and values-based communication. Jan also has interest in the value of strong and proven value propositions in relation to the development of brand strategies - and businesses ability to create durable and strong customer relationships.

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Christian Nielsen, Business Model Design Center, Aalborg University

Christian Nielsen, Ph.d., is Professor at Aalborg University in Denmark. He is Director of Business Model Design Center (BMDC,, the worlds first interdisciplinary research center focusing on business models. Christian has previously worked as an equity strategist and macro economist focusing specifically on integrating Intellectual Capital and ESG factors into business model valuations. His Ph.d. dissertation from 2005 won the Emerald/EFMD Annual Outstanding Doctoral Research Award, and in 2011 he received the Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Reviewer Award. Christian Nielsen has a substantial number of international publications to his record and his research interests concern analyzing, evaluating and measuring the performance of business models.

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