Performative research in the business model field

Exploring the underpinnings of business models in action


  • Robin Roslender School of Business, University of Dundee
  • Christian Nielsen



The adoption of a performative approach promises to enrich research enquiries pursued in the business model field. Such an approach has demonstrated its purchase in other business and management disciplines, including accounting, and has contributed to the wider exploration of social science methodology by their respective research communities.

Author Biography

Robin Roslender, School of Business, University of Dundee

Robin Roslender is Professor at the School of Business at University of Dundee, United Kingdom. He joined the School of Business in 2011 from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh where he held the Chair in Accountancy for six years. Prior to that he taught accounting at the University of Stirling, having begun his academic career teaching sociology and organisational behaviour at Napier University, Edinburgh. Robin Roslender is currently Visiting Professor at the Business Model Design Center at Aalborg University. His research interests concern Intellectual Capital, Accounting and Strategy and Social and Sociological Theory. For further information on Robin's professional and academic profile see: @Linkedin: ORCID ID:






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