Digital Platform Tactics: How to Implement Platform Strategy Over Time


  • Matthias Fabian Gregersen Trischler Technical University Denmark
  • Philip Meier Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft gGmbH



Platform-based business models are increasingly relevant. Scholars mainly focus on the strategic dimension, but what are the tactics to build and evolve digital platforms? This article proposes a novel framework, which assists in subdividing the scope of possible activities of digital platform sponsors in a temporal and contextual manner. The framework comprises four context dimensions (platform attributes, core product, governance, ecosystem) and four lifecycle phases (birth, expansion, leadership, renewal). In particular, three key insights emerge regarding the critical role of the leadership phase (in terms of institutional and regulatory influence and the need to build a defense) as well as a lack of studies in the renewal phase.  

Author Biography

Philip Meier, Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft gGmbH

Philip Meier is a doctoral researcher at HIIG. He leads the Mittelstand 4.0 initiative “Gemeinsam Digital” initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy at HIIG. Activities within the initiative, like knowledge-transfer between startups and SMEs, accelerate digitalization within the German Mittelstand.

Philip holds a Bachelor in Automotive Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the Ostfalia University of Applied Science. Since 2017, Philip is a Ph.D. student at the BA School of Business and Finance in Riga.

Philip researches in the field of structured business model innovation in multi-sided market environments. Furthermore, he explores the implications of Distributed Ledger Technology for Digital Platforms.

Prior to his position as doctoral researcher Philip gained professional experience as a project manager within the Group Digitalization Department at Volkswagen.