The Creation Of Ecosystems as a Mean for Business Model Adaptation

How Banks Chose to Respond to The Rise of Fintech Startups


  • Olfa Chelbi Management Research Center-I3- Institut Polytechnique de Paris
  • Thierry Rayna Management Research Center -I3
  • Antoine Souchaud Neoma Business School, i3-CRG, CNRS, École polytechnique, Institut Polytechnique de Paris



The business model concept and the concept of coopetition have been the focus of substantial attention for the past twenty years. However, current research is still short on explaining how both concepts relate to each other. This paper provides a first integration of the two concepts by trying to operationalize the process of business model adaptation in the context of coopetitive settings involving small and young firms. The paper uncovers four roles played by FinTech startups in the ecosystem created by the incumbent bank: the role of a supplier, client, complementor, and coopetitor. In the case of Fintech startups positioned as suppliers, clients and complementors we show an impact on the two dimensions of value creation and value captures. With respect to FinTech companies
positioned as coopetitors, early findings show the impact of such settings on the value delivery dimension.

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