Complementors’ coopetition-based business models in multiplatform ecosystems


  • Mahmoud Mohamed Oulu Univeristy, Finland
  • Petri Ahokangas Oulu University, Finland
  • Minna Pikkarainen Oulu University, Finland



Multi-platform ecosystems (MPEs) are comprised of multiple platforms integrated to create and capture value together. The collective value creation and capture within MPEs gives rise to coopetion, which impacts the business model configurations for both incumbents and entrants that provide complementary offerings. Previous platform research has predominantly focused on incumbent platforms. This research focuses on the question of how entrant platforms configure their business models to endorse coopetition with incumbents in the MPEs within the healthcare sector. Our findings indicate that entrant platforms configure their business models to integrate into MPEs and need to flexibly align with the complementarity requirements set by the incumbents, combine inter- and intra-platform collaborative dynamics in their business models, and build on coopetition with incumbents.