Building Resilient and Innovative Business Models in the Era of Covid-19:

A Process Approach


  • Marco Montemari Department of Management, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy
  • Marco Gatti



The role that the Business Model (BM) concept and BM-related tools may play during times of crisis have been insufficiently investigated. This paper presents a process aimed at supporting companies in building resilient and original BMs through continuous innovation based on the existing BM literature. The present study highlights the role that BM tools may play during crisis situations, providing managers and entrepreneurs with an alert system (i.e., BM measurements) capable of signaling when a change should be implemented; a “library” of potential changes (i.e., BM pivots) to be generated in the BM; and a portfolio of potential available options when considering how the BM should be changed (i.e., BM configurations). The paper additionally highlights how tools for BM mapping, control, and innovation can provide one another with information and can be connected in a way that allows companies to achieve a synergetic effect in the face of instability and uncertainty.

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