About the Journal

Media management, as a relatively new discipline is characterized by blurring boundaries. While traditional media distinguished by content, emergence of digital technologies extends the area of activity for the media firms into platforms, connectivity and data. The players are also indistinguishable. From traditional media giants such as broadcasts, Hollywood studios, publishers to Technological conglomerates such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are competing to increase their market share. At the same time, less entry barriers and lower production costs encourage entrepreneurial activities and media startups to enter the market and to present their value easily to their target markets.

In such new dynamic and fast-changing environment, managing of media enterprises is a complicated task that needs a good mix of knowledge, skill, experience, understanding and insight on various aspects of the given media organization. Considering this, The Nordic Journal of Media Management aims to encourage researchers of related fields and disciplines such as business, economic, information technologies, entertainment, communication, journalism, public administration, strategic management and similar fields to share their researches on the different dimensions of media management.

The main interests of this journal are included but not limited to:

Mission and Scope

Nordic Journal of Media Management aims to encourage research on the dynamics of managing of media organizations in micro, meso and macro levels. To accomplish this mission, this journal focuses on both the theory and for this, provided various formats for share of experiences and knowledge. It accepts original researches as peer-review articles, and also publishes non-peer reviewed manuscripts such as case studies and industry reports that disseminate the experiences and challenges of enterprises within the media industry. Also review articles and book reviews are other types of papers that will be accepted to publish in Nordic Journal of Media Management. We encourage researchers, practitioners, managers and other actors to share their experiences in the relevant format.