EMMA 2020 in Jönköping University of Sweden postponed to June 2021

European Media Management Association (EMMA) is one of the most famous conferences in the field of media management. this conference has been held continiously since 2004. This year, Jönköping University in Sweden was supposed to host this conference, however due to Covid-19 outbreak the conference postponed to June 2021. for more information see this URL: https://www.media-management.eu/emma-conferences/sweden-2020/



Call for paper in special issue: Value Co-Creation in Social Platforms

Social Platforms have found a significant role in our everyday lives. they have created new ways of doing business and exchange of value among the different stakeholders. marketplaces, social media, crowdfounding, integarted, game and so on platforms are created a space for innovating new business models to exchange the value. Now, value chain has been changed to value network, and there are many things evolved in this transformation.

While platform studies is a subject of interest in regular issues in media management, this special issue in Nordic Journal of Media Management addresses the effect of platforms on media businesses to explore specific aspects of value co-creation in social platforms, especially in method and theory. To this aim, potential authors are invited to submit their contributions to this special issue due to 31 December 2020.

Date of publishing: 1 March 2021.