Energy sustainability indicators based on UN goals and Urban themes to measure energy sustainability for developing countries using SEDIInvestigating energy sustainability indicators for developing countries

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Ali Armin Razmjoo


The study is an attempt to identify and apply a set of energy sustainability indicators by policymakers and energy experts as a suggestion for the developing countries. Also, this paper presents an analysis of sustainable energy development index (SEDI) between 10 developing countries. Actually, this study shows a relative situation of energy sustainability for 10 developing countries in different areas of the world. At first, will gather required data for four years and belongs to 2012 until 2015 years from IEA and world bank data organizations and then will analyses them, and at the final, the SEDI ranking of each country will be obtained. Results show that in comparison with past years, all studied countries intend to achieve a remarkable growth in energy sustainability. Selecting the SEDI method in this work has two main causes; firstly, this method has multidimensional attention to energy sustainability and secondly can be a good method to find strong and weak indicators for a country.

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