The IJSEPM is an international interdisciplinary journal in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management combining engineering and social science within Energy System Analysis, Feasibility Studies and Public Regulation.

The journal focuses on these three areas:

- Energy System analysis including theories, methodologies, data handling and software tools as well as specific scenarios, models and analyses at local, regional, country and global level.

- Economics, Socio economics and Feasibility studies including theories and methodologies of institutional economics as well as specific feasibility studies and analyses.

- Public Regulation and management including theories and methodologies as well as specific analyses and proposals in the light of the implementation and transition into sustainable energy systems.

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Vol 22 (2019)

Published: 01-08-2019

Development in Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems

José Carlos Fernandes Teixeira; Poul Alberg Østergaard (Journal manager)

Techno-economic assessment of high variable renewable energy penetration in the Bolivian interconnected electric system

Ray Antonio Rojas Candia, Sergio Luis Balderrama Subieta, Joseph Adhemar Araoz Ramos, Vicente Senosiain Miquélez, Jenny Gabriela Peña Balderrama, Hernan Jaldín Florero, Sylvain Quoilin

Techno-Economic Design and Social Integration of Mobile Thermal Energy Storage (M-TES) within the Tourism Industry

Archishman Bose, Mohammad Samir Ahmed, Denitsa Dobrinova Kuzeva, Johannes van Kasteren

Comparison of driving cycles obtained by the Micro-trips, Markov-chains and MWD-CP methods

José Ignacio Huertas, Luis Felipe Quirama, Michael Daniel Giraldo, Jenny Diaz

Exergy analysis of the Colombian energy matrix: An insight from its economic sectors and energy resources

Hector Ivan Velasquez, Carlos Andres Orozco Loaiza, Juan Carlos Maya, Daniel Florez-Orrego, Sergio Lopera
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