Coupling heat and electricity storage technologies for cost and self-consumption optimised residential PV prosumer systems in Germany

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Dominik Keiner
Christian Breyer
Michael Sterner


Coupling energy sectors within the emerging residential PV prosumer systems is necessary for an optimised use of the houseowners’ own produced electricity. But the pure availability of different energy technologies in the system is not enough. By optimising the electricity usage as well as the capacities of PV generators, storage technologies, heat pumps and battery electric vehicles, not only the best solution in a technical point of view can be achieved, the need of finding the most financially beneficial system composition for single-family houses and tenements is possible. The study provides a detailed model for average German single-family houses and tenements and results for the energy transition period until 2050 for the optimised energy systems regarding optimised PV and stationary battery capacities and different heat storage capacities. Most noticeable outcomes can be observed by using a vehicle-to-home car, where a car can mostly take over the tasks of a stationary battery and by introducing a solidarity model using this type of car in tenement systems.

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