A technology evaluation method for assessing the potential contribution of energy technologies to decarbonisation of the Italian production system

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Elena De Luca
alessandro zini
oscar amerighi@enea.it
gaetano coletta
maria grazia oteri
laura gaetana giuffrida
giorgio graditi


A methodology focused on technology evaluation is proposed to give a footprint of the development potential of energy technologies in Italy. The approach focuses on the impact on climate, the potential in terms of R&D, the competitiveness of Italian companies and their diffusion on the territory. A reference Catalogue was realised in the framework  of the ‘Technical Board on Decarbonisation of the Economy’, established by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers. 36 datasheets, containing quantitative and qualitative information on Technology Readiness Level (TRL), efficiency, environmental and economic impacts and policy aspects were filled by 70 experts for each technology. Some data were extracted from the Catalogue - TRL, CO2 emissions, developers, and centres of excellence - and further analysed with other information relating to the Italian production and innovation system collected from the National Enterprise Registry (ASIA). Companies and research centres  are involved in development of technologies based on Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Energy Storage (ES) with different levels of TRL and high potential for mitigating effects on climate. However, their distribution shows a rather inhomogeneous presence at territorial level. This evaluation provided useful elements to elaborate policy measures to support the diffusion of energy technologies.

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