Stakeholder management in PED projects: challenges and management model

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Juha-Antti Rankinen
Sara Lakkala
Harri Haapasalo
Sari Hirvonen-Kantola


The importance of stakeholder analysis and stakeholder management is magnified as project complexity increases. Complex projects can be characterized by uncertainties arising from emerging technologies and the involvement of various types of stakeholders and their interests. Positive Energy District (PED) projects are an example of such undertaking, coupling novel energy solutions with distinct stakeholders and their diverse positions, claims, and requirements pertaining to the project. In this study, our objective is to provide a stakeholder management framework for future PED projects. The qualitative case study follows the theory elaboration methodology and aims to formulate a conceptual stakeholder management framework for PED projects. Thus, our contribution focuses on expanding the domain of project stakeholder management by characterizing and validating it in a new, time-relevant project context.

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Rankinen, J.-A., Lakkala, S., Haapasalo, H., & Hirvonen-Kantola, S. (2022). Stakeholder management in PED projects: challenges and management model. International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, 34, 91–106.