Teaching value propositions as part of the business model





This paper outlines and discusses one approach for teaching business students about the role of value propositions as an important part of any organization’s business model. The course-wide approach is organized around understanding, creating and capturing value. The approach involves traditional teaching, interactive discussions, group work, pitching, and peer evaluation.

Author Biography

Mika Yrjölä, School of Management, University of Tampere

Mika Yrjölä is a doctoral student and researcher in the School of Management at the University of Tampere, Finland. His research interests lie in the context of retailing, service business and marketing strategy. He has focused on the retailing context in his research using both qualitative and quantitative methods in studying multichannel shopping, customer value, and retail business models. Mika Yrjölä has a substantial number of publications to his record and his research interests concern Value creation, Value Proposition, Multichannel retail business models.

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Special Issue: Teaching Business Models