Using digital gamification in the Context of Business Models


  • Jesper Chrautwald Sort Business Model Design Center, Aalborg University
  • Peter Martin Holst Artventure, Copenhagen, Denmark



The use of blended learning to enhance motivation and learning by the students is a recent and increasingly important topic in teaching. This paper will give an example regarding how blended learning was implemented in an entrepreneurial course with business models as the primary structure.

Author Biography

Jesper Chrautwald Sort, Business Model Design Center, Aalborg University

Jesper Chrautwald Sort, Ph.D Fellow, is Project Manager on the "Matching for Growth" project at Business Model Design Center (BMDC, Jesper has a MA in Management Accounting and is currently writing a Ph.D. on growth Couplings, which is about creating a better link between investors and entrepreneurs in Denmark. This is ensured through a better matchmaking of investors and entrepreneurs; where the goal obviously is value creation for both parties. Jesper has a number of international publications to his record and his research interests concern Business Models, Performance Management, Private Equity and Venture Capital / Business Angels. For further information on Jespers's professional and academic profile see: @Linkedin: #BMBUZZ:






Special Issue: Teaching Business Models