Vol 1, No 2 (2020)

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Towards a Video Consumer Leaning Spectrum: A Medium-Centric Approach / Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, Lisa-Charlotte Wolter and Elisa Dorothee Adam

Media and Entrepreneurship, A Revisit with a Decade of Progress: A Bibliometric Analysis of Media Entrepreneurship Research Between 2005 and 2017 / Min Hang

Platformization of Media Entrepreneurship: A Conceptual Development / Cinzia Dal Zotto and Afshin Omidi

A Transaction Cost Economics View on Outsourcing Decision in Spanish Publishing Industry / Marta Magadán-Díaz and Jesús Rivas-García

Business Models of Journalistic Startups in Portugal: An Analysis of Product Innovation, Dissemination and Monetization in Media Enterprises / Miguel Crespo, Ana Pinto-Martinho, Caterina Foà, Miguel Paisana and Pedro Caldeira Pais

Marketing Challenges and Advertising Partner Selection: Exploring Advertiser-Agency Relationships in the Danish Media Industry / Henrik Jensen and Kristian J. Sund


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