Vol 2, No 1 (2021)

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Factors Influencing the Rejection of Automated Journalism: A Systematic Literature Review / Meike V. Grimme

Why do Artisans and Arts Entrepreneurs use Social Media Platforms?: Evidence from an Emerging Economy / Leo Paul Dana and Aidin Salamzadeh

Media entrepreneurship tendency among Asian women during COVID-19 pandemic / Seyed Far Abid Hossain, Ushie Michael Adadu, Mohammad Nurnnabi, Bur Nhat Voug and Kazi Mohiuddin

Strategic Thinking Skills and Personality Style of Media Managers / Samaneh Azarpour

Creating emotional value of the media in non-verbal business communications: a theoretical foundation / Hamidreza Karkehabadi, Ali Delavar, Hasan Ashayeri and Ali Akbar Farhangi

Digital Media Copyright: Policy and Legal Challenges / Fariborz Safari











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