Integrated Design Processes by Sequential Primary Generators


  • Isak Worre Foged Aalborg University



Integrated design processes, Primary generators, Design knowledge, Advanced design processes, Design didactics


This paper proposes, exemplifies and discusses a new design method, including both artistic and scientific modes of working. It is based on the idea of integrated design processes driven by strategic implementation of what is termed sequential primary generators. The paper initiates by discussing design and creative process research and filters central aspects that are coalesced with a proposed tree-phase early stage design method. The proposed architectural design method has been applied in three university projects. In the last project, students where asked to respond to a questionnaire survey to identify the growth of design and creative capabilities from a student perspective. The paper presents the results and discussion based upon these projects and studies. Survey answers show that the proposed design method increases both design quality and design knowledge. ThisĀ  suggest that other creative processes may be addressed through this design methodology, featuring both problem and solution driven procedures.






SI: Integrating Academic and Artistic Methodologies within a PBL-environment