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Welcome to The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies!

The IJIS is an independent student-driven and faculty-refereed academic journal based at Aalborg University, Denmark, to publish articles from students in the Master Programmes in Development & International Relations and European Studies, and in the specialisations of Chinese Area Studies and Latin American Area Studies, among others.

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Our aim is to foster interdisciplinary debates about, and interest in, current issues in the Social Sciences as key areas of human interaction, and to act as platform for the free exchange of ideas between our students and academics across the world.

IJIS is an academic space where students critically engage with key theories and issue areas in the social sciences and humanities in an interdisciplinary perspective. It invites contributions on topical themes (including, but not restricted to, development, globalization, international relations, political economy, regional integration, refugees and migration, culture, tourism, and history) and/or area studies (e.g., Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, China, South Asia, the US, and Latin America). It welcomes theoretical, methodological, conceptual, or empirical papers.

IJIS encourages graduate and postgraduate students, former or current, to submit articles, essays, and book reviews in the fields of social sciences and humanities.

The wide scope of the Journal allows for an extensive variety of topics and  opinions. We look forward to your contribution.

The journal aims to publish one edition a year, but may publish more or less frequently, depending on the number of good-quality submissions.


On this site you can access all past issues and articles of the IJIS, and search by issue, author or title.




Submit Your Paper


We have an open call for articles, essays and book reviews in the social sciences and humanities for future issues of the journal. Submissions are welcome at any time. Suitable manuscripts are usually ready for publication within 3 to 4 months from submission, but may be held for publication until the next edition of the journal.

For more details about the different types of papers accepted and the submission guidelines, please view our submission guide for authors.

If you still have questions, you are welcome to send an e-mail to the editor:

Ashley Kim Stewart (

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Vol 8: The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies - 2012

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The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies Volume 8, 2012