Vol. 5 No. 1 (2023): The History and Philosophy of Tense-logic

This volume focus on the history and philosophy of tense-logic. Though many of the contributions focus on the inventor of modern tense-logic, Arthur Norman Prior, other articles discuss logical and philosophical topics pertaining to the philosophy of time. When about Arthur Norman Prior invented tense-logic a primary motivation was his desire to discuss the status of propositions the contingent future. Many of the articles will take up this issue, from various perspectives. In addition the issue also contain an important discussion of the Prior Internet Ressources.

Editors: David Jakobsen, Per Hasle & Peter Øhrstrøm.



Published: 23-10-2023

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Logic and Philosophy of Time

A.N. Prior (1914-69) in the course of the 1950s and 1960s founded a new and revolutionary paradigm in philosophy and logic. Its most central feature is the preoccupation with time and the development of the logic of time. However, this was inseparably interwoven with fundamental questions about human freedom, ethics, and existence. This remarkable integration of themes also embodies an original and in fact revolutionary conception of logic.


The online journal, Logic and Philosophy of Time, is dedicated to a deep investigation and also the further development of Prior’s paradigm.


Logic and Philosophy of Time is a peer reviewed online journal.

The first four volumes of Logic and Philosophy of Time can be accessed here: Logic and Philosophy of Time (aauforlag.dk)


David Jakobsen, Associate Professor, Aalborg University.

Per Hasle, Professor, Copenhagen University.

Patrick Blackburn, Professor, Roskilde University.

Peter Øhrstrøm, Professor, Aalborg University.

Advisory board

Dr. Martin Prior, Aberdeen.

Max Cresswell, Professor, Victoria University, New Zealand.

Adriane Rini, Professor, Massey University, New Zealand.

Jack Copeland, Distinguished Professor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Michael Grimshaw, Associate Professor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Zuzana Rybaříková, Assistant Professor, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Elton Marques, FCT, Universidade Católica Portuguesa.