Problem Based Learning as a Shared Musical Journey – Group Dynamics, Communication and Creativity


  • Charlotte Lindvang
  • Bolette Beck



Music listening, emotion, consciousness, energy regulation, group cohesion, resonance, conductor, improvisation, learning, reflexivity, communicative musicality



The focus of this paper is how we can facilitate problem based learning (PBL) more creatively. We take a closer look upon the connection between creative processes and social communication in the PBL group including how difficulties in the social interplay may hinder creativity. The paper draws on group dynamic theory, and points out the importance of building a reflexive milieu in the group. Musical concepts are used to illustrate the communicative and creative aspects of PBL and the paper uses the analogy between improvising together and do a project work together. We also discuss the role of the supervisor in a PBL group process. Further we argue that creativity is rooted deep in our consciousness and connected to our ability to work with a flexible mind. In order to enhance the cohesion as well as the creativity of the group a model of music listening as a concrete intervention tool in PBL processes is proposed.