The Aalborg University PO-PBL Model from a Socio-cultural Learning Perspective

  • Carola Hernandez
  • Ole Ravn
  • Paola Valero
Keywords: Project Orientation-Problem Based Learning (PO-PBL), socio-cultural perspectives on science, science education at university level.


Since the 1970’s, Aalborg University has been developing a new pedagogical model in higher education: The Project Oriented – Problem Based Learning (PO-PBL). In particular, the Faculty of Engineering and Science has developed a pedagogical proposal that introduces students to a different type of learning. One of the theoretical frameworks underpinning the understanding of learning is the socio-cultural perspective. This paper aims at exploring and analyzing the PO-PBL model from this theoretical perspective. In addition, this reading may also open a new viewpoint in science teaching for other universities.