The Implementation and Evaluation of a Project-Oriented Problem-Based Learning Module in a First Year Engineering Programme

  • Seamus McLoone Maynooth University, Ireland
  • Bob Lawlor Maynooth University, Ireland
  • Andrew Meehan Maynooth University, Ireland
Keywords: Collaborative enquiry-based learning, peer learning, problem based learning


This paper describes how a circuits-based project-oriented problem-based learning educational model was integrated into the first year of a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering programme at Maynooth University, Ireland. While many variations of problem based learning exist, the presented model is closely aligned with the model used in Aalborg University, Denmark. Key learning outcomes, implementation features and an evaluation of the integrated project-oriented problem-based learning module over a two year period are all presented within.


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Case studies of PBL and reflections on PBL in practice