PBL and the Postmodern Condition - Knowledge Production in University Education


  • Ole Ravn Aalborg University
  • Annie Aarup Jensen Aalborg University




PBL, Problem Based Learning, Postmodern condition, university education, knowledge production


In this article we discuss the contemporary conditions for running the Aalborg Problem Based Learning-model (PBL). We try to pinpoint key characteristics of these conditions emphasising Lyotard’s conception of knowledge production referred to as the move towards a postmodern condition for knowledge. Through discussions of this alleged condition for university curricula development we investigate its connections to the PBL-model. Some of the explored conditions highlight strong potentials for the PBL-model but the postmodern condition also raises a number of changes and challenges in relation to the original PBL-model as an educational setting.    

Author Biographies

Ole Ravn, Aalborg University

Associate Professor, Depertment of Learning and Philosophy

Annie Aarup Jensen, Aalborg University

Associate Professor, Depertment of Learning and Philosophy


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