Scaffolding in PBL: A Case-study in Facilitated Soft Skill-set Learning amongst Adult Learners in Taiwan's Vocational Higher Education

  • Sabrina Chia Jung Lee University of Taipei


Taiwan’s university-level vocational education is faced with a growing need to strengthen students’ soft skills as a means to increase job market eligibility. Students in Taiwan are usually not equipped with group learning skills in junior and senior high school education. These learning skills, however, are an essential component of a successful PBL course, according to past research. This case study describes how a PBL course that adopted various scaffolding strategies helped vocational students improve soft skills associated with real-life issues in the workplace. The adult learners participating in the tailored PBL course were PBL novices, yet their feedback on PBL effectiveness was positive. The success of the PBL course was attributed to 1) the use of effective scaffolding strategies, and 2) learner readiness in the skills needed for group learning.

Case studies of PBL and reflections on PBL in practice