Academic Performance of Students of Urban Design, Applying Problem-based Learning (PBL)


  • Sandra Ornés Vasquez Simon Bolivar University
  • Luis Lara Simon Bolivar University



The urban design courses of the urban planning career in the Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB, 2017) Caracas-Venezuela, are part of the backbone of workshops (4 of 11) and invite to the study of parts of the city whose problems demand to be resolved, according to traditional teaching methods.

Considering this precedent and within the framework of the Citylab project (2015-2018), the Problem Based Learning (PBL) is implemented in Workshop VI, during the last quarter of 2017; and then a questionnaire is given to the participating students to know their opinion on the following points: their role in this process of building knowledge, and their appreciation about both the exchange with local guests-actors and this new methodology. The respondents conclude that in the face of the traditional method, the PBL promoted capacity building for critical analysis, teamwork and consensus building against the city’s complex problems.






Special Issue: PBL for Sustainability and Sustainable Cities