A PBL Collaborative and Cumulative Dynamics Towards Urban Sustainable Environments


  • Mónica Inés Fernández Universidad de Belgrano
  • Barbara Rita Constantinidis Universidad de Belgrano
  • Mabel C Brignone Universidad de Belgrano
  • Liliana Bonvecchi Universidad de Belgrano
  • Martín Blas Orduna Universidad de Belgrano
  • Carolina A Carbone Universidad de Belgrano
  • María de los Ángeles Otero Universidad de Belgrano
  • Federica Ciarciá Universidad de Belgrano
  • Juan de Souza Universidad de Belgrano




Erasmus+ CityLab Program at Universidad de Belgrano School of Architecture and Urban Planning, has focused on urban structure as generator of dynamic and transformable spaces, through a local case located at Juan B. Justo Avenue corridor, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The CityLab project motivated students to experience an integrative 3-year Problem-Based Learning process, related to Morphology Communication and Digital Media, Urban and Territorial Planning, Final Degree Project, as well as integration with School of Public Relations.

More than 75 students participated in this international programme to explore, diagnose and re-think city scale, as well as to discover, build and apply technological tools. Land use and mobility regulations were introduced with the participation of stakeholders and external experts in different stages from diagnosis to final project validation.

Student’s and teacher´s staff contribution to the academic final conference “PBL for Sustainable Cities”- September 2018, Bogotá, produced a motivating socialization in collaboration with local partners.






Special Issue: PBL for Sustainability and Sustainable Cities