Problem Based Learning in Continuing Education – Challenges and Opportunities


  • Nikolaj Stegeager
  • Anja Overgaard Thomassen
  • Erik Laursen




This article presents the PBL model applied at Aalborg University in order to discuss research findings with regard to the educational effectiveness of the PBL model in securing an efficient transfer of learning from university driven continuing education to the context of the workplace. In recent years Aalborg University has seen a progressive PBL development with regard to our many new continuing educational programs. The empirical data applied in the article is collected from two qualitative Ph.D. studies. Drawing on research findings from these studies, we discuss why the PBL model, in spite of the intentions of closing the gap between education and working life, seems to have some important challenges. The discussion concludes by suggesting some pedagogical guidelines for the design of future PBL organized academic activities within continuing education.






Implementing PBL or principles of PBL